Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome 2015.......??

Decided to go to Emergency last night with discolored urine.
Now, normally, I wouldn't do such a thing, for something as simple as discolored urine because usually it's just that I'm not drinking enough water, BUT it was dark amber color and because I'm on Remicade, I immediately thought there was something wrong with my liver. 
It's been like this since Friday morning, but I wasn't worried.
So, last night at 9, I told my wife that I was heading in, just in case.  Luckily I had just had my bloodwork done that morning, so I didn't need to get any done at hospital.
It wasn't THAT long of a wait in Emergency, about 3 and a half hours, sitting in chairs before getting called in back, but after another hour wait, I got the news I wanted to hear.....not my liver.
Turns out, it's just a urinary tract infection.  Testing showed blood in the urine, but I have no pain at it's really weird.  I have no idea how I got it, but there it is.

On a side note, I always have to shake my head whilst waiting in chairs by the idiots that come in to Emergency.  I feel like standing up and make an announcement....

"Attention everyone!!  This is Hospital Emergency, NOT a walk in clinic.  If you don't want to wait like everyone else, go home!!  It's NOT first come, first serve!!  Stop asking the triage nurse "how much longer"...THEY DON'T KNOW!!  Now, just sit down and shut up until your name is called!"

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