Thursday, December 27, 2012

How The Crohnie Grinch Stole Christmas.....Again

I mean, what IS it with Crohn's and the holidays!!?
Every year, and I DO mean, EVERY year, my Crohn's acts up. 

This year, I thought it was going to be different.  I was on Remicade and off of the Prednisone.  I wasn't taking any other meds, I was gaining weight, I was eating properly and I had lost the "sudden urge" to run to the bathroom right after eating.  I was thinking that this Christmas I could actually sit down and enjoy a nice Christmas dinner with ALL the trimmings this year.  I was thinking that this Christmas I could actually have a "drink".  I nice rum n coke or a glass of wine.  Oh, and the desserts....the desserts.  Butter tarts, mine pies, nanaimo bars etc. were going to enjoy their travels down in to my stomach and I wouldn't have to worry about it.

Boy was I wrong......again.  I swear Crohn's is like the Grinch.  Cuz he stole my Christmas....again.
One week before Christmas, I started to develop an abscess.  Not just any abscess, but a peri anal one or course.  I tried to think it away, yea THAT worked.  Then I thought that because my next infusion was a couple of days away, it'll go away after that.....yea THAT worked.  The day I decided, sorry, I mean my wife decided that I was to go to hospital, the abscess let loose and the pressure was gone.....sort of.  Now I have the pain of not only a small remaining abscess, but now an open "wound".
BUT, I didn't have to go in to hospital.   I got to "enjoy" Christmas dinner (but was very difficult to sit), but no alcohol (anti biotics said so) and only a select few treats.

Maybe NEXT Christmas will be different.   Will be nice to have a "normal" Christmas for once in over 24 years....

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