Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Day at the Fair

Went down over the line to the US yesterday and took the family to the Northwest Washington Fair (after stopping at Target to do some shopping of course).
We go down every year for a few reasons, mainly because the kids like all the animals and the wide variety of rides and it's fairly reasonably priced....$60 for parking, 2 adults and 2 kids to get in and 2 ride passes....awesome value.
I am usually wary of going, though I do cuz its fun, because of the fact....well....I have Crohn's and the thought of using the washroom there just give me the willy's!  So, to combat that, I don't eat.  I have breakfast in the morning and go to the washroom several times BEFORE we leave (long drive) and then don't eat again until either we are just leaving to come home, or wait until we get home.  Strangely enough, I don't feel hungry.

BUT, this time was different.  Was it the Remicade?  The Immuran?  Both?  Who knows, but I ate a sandwich which we brought with us, part of my son's, some potato chips, little bit of Coke, some crackers and some cucumber.  How was it you ask?  Fine.  Didn't have to go to the washroom and more importantly, didn't have the feeling of needing to go.  AND I didn't go to the washroom until we got home...8 hours after we left.

I know, I know, to those of you without Crohn's who are saying, "wow....8 hours without going to the bathroom, big deal".....well to those of us WITH it....'s a HUGE deal.


Cj said...


Life-style in ascendancy!!!

Anonymous said...

It'll be the Remicade, Vern - the remission it gave me (used it for years, now on Adalimumab) was nothing short of phenomenal. It even kept my psoriasis down.

A consultant once said thatwe were getting £20k (in the UK) of drugs per annum and if you asked every one of us would we take £20k or the drug, you'd not have to hand over a single £20k.

People don't understand the planning and circumspection that goes into managing Crohn's, though, the "starvation" to prevent later "incidents", the abstinence during the day. Good account of the same

Vern said...

I hate alot about the disease, but the "planning" part really really sucks!! Hopefully soon I won't have to much