Thursday, July 12, 2012

Remicade Pre-Opening Ceremonies

One step closer to starting Remicade.

I had to get a TB skin test, for which I went last Tuesday and today went back for them to tell me that I didn't have TB.......or so I thought.  No, I don't have TB, BUT, now I might have to have a chest x-ray.  I had no reaction to the skin test, but because I'm on Immuran (immune suppressant), it could give the test a false reading....what!?!  So then, why not have me just go get a chest x-ray??!!  and skip the skin test?!!  Some times I wonder about our medical system.  Not all of it, just some of it.

Hopefully, because I had an x-ray back on June 1st in hospital, I might not have to get another one....BUT, with my luck.....

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