Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crohn's and Abscesses

I've suffered alot throughout my 20+ years of having Crohn's disease and I've put up with alot of things relating to this f 'ing disease, but it's the abscesses, fissures and fistulas that I can't stand.

I've been doing so well lately but this past week, I've developed yet another abscess.  But it's the type of abscess that's discouraging.  It's a form or peri-anal abscess.  Has anyone ever had a intramuscular peri-anal abscess before?  This will be my second, if it doesn't go away.  The intramuscular part developed over the past two days.  I can't see it, by I can feel it.  It's bad enough I have a fistula in generally the same area, but then add this to it......I can't seem to win. 

The last time I developed this, it ended up with surgical intervention, alot of time off work and at least a week in hospital, not to mention cutting me open and leaving it open to heal.  Fun.

It takes to saying "Pain in the Ass" to a whole new meaning.  Maybe the Imuran isn't working anymore.  Thank god I have some T 3's to's not a comfortable feeling.

Think it's time to do some painting......

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