Monday, March 5, 2012

Booster Juice and the Magic School Bus

My sons have been bugging me for months about going to the local "juicer" called Booster Juice so they can get a drink.  So this past weekend, I relented and took them to the store.  You'd think I was taking them to an all expense paid trip to Toy R were they excited!
After explaining the hundreds of combinations, one son chose a small "Funky Monkey" which is a smoothie with Soy chocolate milk, frozen yogurt and bananas.  The other son chose a small strawberry-banana with frozen yogurt smoothie.  Well $8.40 later, yes $8.40 they ended up drinking about a quarter of each over the next few days.  Trying to explain to my two sons though, why daddy can't drink them was interesting.  Everything in that place I can't drink.  The smoothies have yogurt and the juices, well...they're juices and unless I water them down, I'll be going to the bathroom for days!  Needless to say, we won't be going back.

I had an idea though about how to explain it to them in terms they would understand.....with TV.
I put on a DVD from the Magic School Bus series and they were talking about the digestive system.  When they got to the part about the intestines, I paused it and showed them on the TV what, exactly was going on with daddy.  They showed the 'School Bus' in the intestinal tract and I explained that what they were seeing on the screen, daddy no longer had (some small and most of the large intestines).  And sometimes when daddy ate, it felt like a school bus was driving through his tummy.  "Where did it go"? was one response.  I tried to explain that daddy had to have it cut out, and showed them again my scar.  "Can't they put a new one back"?  Oh I wish was my response.  But since I explained it to them, they are a little more chatty about it especially when we eat.  "Can you eat this daddy"?  "Will this hurt you"?  "Is the school bus going through"?

Oh I love the innocence.....

I pray to God everyday they never have to go through what I have been through and am going through.

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Cj said...

Terrific story!!!!!