Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ache or Not to Ache....That Is the Question

One of the problems I've discovered over the years, is when I start to feel achey all over.  And I mean all I just ran a marathon or spent the night lifting weights. 
So the question I feeling achey because I'm sick, or am I feeling achey because I'm feeling better?
Doesn't make sense?  Let me explain.  When I'm not feeling very good, I feel achey because of the obvious....I'm sick. 
BUT, when I start feeling better I also get achey because the proper nutrients are getting to my muscles etc.  and they're saying "HEY!!  what's all this stuff?  GOOD stuff!! yay!!  'Bout friggin time dude!!"
I guess time will tell.  The only good news is that my weight seems to have halted at around 140lbs and hasn't dropped.  And the Imuran seems to be working too. 

Could it be.  Is it possible.  I'm on the right track for a change.........


Anonymous said...

YEAH for you!
Maybe this will help you 'turn the corner'!

Vern said...

fingers crossed